I started the practice of writing a reflection with each birthday for me and maybe my kids one day (if they happen to care about such a thing).  I just turned 33 so here is this year in review. 33. Another year of life, a great gift.  This past year has been one filled with … Continue reading Thirty-Three


Warning, this is just going to a quick word vomit because time is in short supply and my brain is being pulled to its edges.  I wanted though to try to take a moment to reflect on and sort out some of the emotions the past few days have brought into our lives. Wednesday we … Continue reading Thoughts.

Lessons from my Friends…

This week I have been an absolute GRUMP and while I see it, I just haven't been able to shake it. Graciously, the ones who know me, have patiently listened as I grumbled through this week and gently offered me sweet nuggets of wisdom to help push back the crap my mind has been caught … Continue reading Lessons from my Friends…

Simple & Committed

I'm a little behind in this post, New Year's has passed and I'm just getting around to writing about what I feel my focus should be...but that's how it goes. When I sat to reflect on what I wanted to be mindful of as I embark on a new calendar year, two words came brightly … Continue reading Simple & Committed


This week we got the news we are officially approved as Foster Parents. One step closer to growing our family a less traditional way. Since being approved I've been thinking a lot about what it means to be prepared.... Of course our training aimed to "prepare us" for what it is going to take to … Continue reading PREPARED

Merry Christmas from the Idleman’s

I am a huge fan of reflection.... last year I was apart of a bible study that went through the book if Isaiah and while most of it was hard to understand, one thing I did take away from the study is that God wants us to remember.  He wants us to look back on … Continue reading Merry Christmas from the Idleman’s

My Girl turns 3.

I started the tradition of writing a letter to our kids for each Birthday.  There are so many things that I hope to remember about each age but my mind can only retain so much.  These letters are my attempt to capture them in this moment in time and write to them some of my … Continue reading My Girl turns 3.


We've done it.  We've completed the paperwork, our home visit, and physicals.  We now are just waiting. We first have to wait for all the mountains of paperwork to be processed.  They still have to complete a background check on us, which takes weeks.  In about 4-6 weeks, we should get that approval e-mail saying … Continue reading Waiting.

Foster-to- Adopt Update: Part 3

We have officially finished all of our training, almost ALL of our paperwork, and our last home visit is scheduled.  We are in the home stretch of the approval process and soon will just be waiting until we get that first life-changing call. Right now we mostly feel nervous. I am nervous we won't be able … Continue reading Foster-to- Adopt Update: Part 3

Foster Care Training, Part 2

This week marked week 3 out of a total of 5 Foster Parent training sessions.  It's starting to feel more real with each week that passes.  It feels challenging to prepare much more than just digesting all the information we are being exposed to because we have no clue how long a child will come … Continue reading Foster Care Training, Part 2