La Cucaracha Online Slot Rating and reviews

You must be in their early teens or early twenties if you haven’t become familiar with the song “La Cucaracha.” This is an ancient song from Mexico, the origins of which are unknown to anybody; yet, all of us are familiar with it since it has been covered by so many different musicians over the years. Cockroach is the literal meaning of the English term, and the song relates the story of a cockroach who is unable to move since he has lost the legs on each side of his body. The cockroach in the song “La Cucaracha” by NextGen also is unable to move, but this time it is because it has been submerged in a glass of tequila. As can be seen, the creator has a funny perspective on the subject matter, and we like each and every one of those aspects of the game.

The La Cucaracha slot machine has a classic Mexican theme, complete with cockroaches wearing sombreros, chili peppers, maracas, tacos, and cactus. You will be able to make use of the two bonus games, as well as the scatters and wilds that are there. The slot machine has a return to player percentage of 95.33 percent and a level of volatility that ranges from medium to high. It also has a gamble option that may result in big winnings. Are you ready to take part in the Mexican celebration? Because the slot game can be played on any device, you may engage in activities like this whenever you choose.

How to Play the Online Slot Machine La Cucaracha

The first thing that has to be brought to everyone’s attention is the fact that the La Cucaracha slot machine may be played on any mobile device running Android or iOS as well as any desktop platform. It is a slot machine that was designed in HTML5, and it is fully compatible with any device that you may use at home or take with you when you go out.

When you first start the game, you will see a grid of squares in a variety of colors; these represent the paylines that are available in the slot machine. Due to the fact that the La Cucaracha online slot game has 25 paylines that are not fixed, it is not necessary to have all of them engaged in order to win. When they are not active, they change into gray squares. This allows you to easily keep track of the lines that you have active at any one time, since only those lines that are colored will be visible.

After that, you will notice an orange speaker that allows you to toggle the game’s noises on or off, followed by information and a button that allows the game to start automatically. If you choose to click or touch on the autoplay button, you will notice that you have the option to activate up to 500 autospins at the wager level that is most suitable for you. With that in mind, the value of a single coin can range anywhere from 0.01 to 20 credits. Given that the game has a total of 25 flexible paylines, this indicates that players have the ability to place a total bet of as little as 0.01 credits for a single active payline when using the lowest possible coin value, or as much as 500 credits when using the highest possible value coin. You may modify the bet by hitting the minus and plus signs that are located just next to the button that initiates autoplay.

However, in order to avoid missing buttons, we will now open the paytable. You are able to accomplish that by clicking on the info button that is colored red. When it’s your turn, the paytable will pop up, and you’ll see the fiery chili pepper right away. This is the wild, which will not provide you a payment for any combinations it completes but will continue to perform its typical duties. After that, you will see a cockroach that is playing a guitar and maracas, and it will provide you a payoff that is equal to 100 times your original wager if you get a combination of 5 symbols anywhere on the reels. You will get 5,000 coins for a 5-of-a-kind combination when you get the second cucaracha in the glass of tequila. This is followed by the maracas, which will provide you with 500 coins, and finally the cactus and tacos, which will award you with 200 coins each. The royal playing cards, A through J, provide you with 150 coins, while the tens and nines reward you with 100 coins each.

Free Spins and Other Features Can Be Found in La Cucaracha

When the red hot chili pepper appears on the reels, you should be aware that it is a replacement for all other symbols (with the exception of the dispersed cucaracha), which means that it will assist you in forming winning combinations. When you see it appear on all three middle reels, though, you should know that the bonus feature has been launched and that you will have the opportunity to increase your chili-ow-meter. This is because the extra feature has been triggered. The environment will change to a carnival, and at this point you will need to choose three different chili stalls. Each of these chili stands will add anything from one to five notches to your meter. You will be eligible for a reward when the third pick has been made. The most exciting aspect is that you are also able to use this option when playing the bonus games. Should you choose to do so, and your chili-ow-meter hits a value of 12 or above, you will be awarded another round of bonus games.

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