Simple & Committed

I'm a little behind in this post, New Year's has passed and I'm just getting around to writing about what I feel my focus should be...but that's how it goes. When I sat to reflect on what I wanted to be mindful of as I embark on a new calendar year, two words came brightly … Continue reading Simple & Committed

Foster-to- Adopt Update: Part 3

We have officially finished all of our training, almost ALL of our paperwork, and our last home visit is scheduled.  We are in the home stretch of the approval process and soon will just be waiting until we get that first life-changing call. Right now we mostly feel nervous. I am nervous we won't be able … Continue reading Foster-to- Adopt Update: Part 3

The House.

Our family is at the start of a new beginning! We are entering a part of our lives where grace reaches down from Heaven, nudges our hearts to step out to love a little more than we thought possible. By Grace we have what we need to make this God-inspired dream a reality.  We are … Continue reading The House.

5 Steps to Take Towards Healthy Living for Your Family

Health and wellness are such a buzz word these days! As a parent, it can be such a struggle to even know what it really looks like to live a “healthy lifestyle”.   The problem behind every definitive article on healthy living is that they bypass the truth: healthy living looks a little different for … Continue reading 5 Steps to Take Towards Healthy Living for Your Family

How to Keep Love at the Center of Your Marriage

If I stop and pause, I can see it... Fourteen years ago now, I met a sweet recent high school graduate.  He was kind, thoughtful, brought me burnt CD’s and opened my car door for me… what more could any 17 year old ask for?  I fell hard and fast. Fast forward, to now…  We … Continue reading How to Keep Love at the Center of Your Marriage

Five Great Ways to Recharge As A Mom

One thing I wasn’t prepared for when I became a mother is how draining the gig is.  No matter if you're a young mom, working mom, stay at home mom or any other kind of mom, one thing we all can agree on is: the job can wear you down if you're not careful.  I’ve … Continue reading Five Great Ways to Recharge As A Mom

My RVA Fall Favorites

Guys, fall… it’s magical. Pumpkin spice lattes, do I have to say anymore? There are so many things I love so much about this time of year, scarfs, boots, pumpkins, Halloween, chili, the beautiful leaves changing color...the list is so long! I’ll spare you the complete list of fall favorites and just share some of our favorite … Continue reading My RVA Fall Favorites

1,000 Thanks (Part 7)

This list, I love it. It's a discipline that is powerful. It brings perspective. It brings joy. 701. Three kids making forts 702. Walking with neighbors 703. Three kids riding the slide together 704. Hubby excited for Monday! 705. My sister ❤️ 706. Warm weather 707. Front yard baby pool play with the neighbors 708. … Continue reading 1,000 Thanks (Part 7)

Take Time to See Her

There are seasons of this SAHM life that can get pretty tough. The trouble I've had is, it's hard to explain why. It's hard to put words around why this beautiful thing, this sweet precious time spent in togethernesses can feel heavy and hard. In our current culture, I've found that it's easy to be … Continue reading Take Time to See Her

1,000 thanks (part 6)

I've been slow to complete this 100.... The past two months have felt tough for me.  I've dipped into some pretty dark places and probably working on my list would have helped!  With spring in the air I feel a new wave of grace for myself and our family.  It seems in life more stressful … Continue reading 1,000 thanks (part 6)