This Hard Season of Marriage

I recently saw a friend’s husband added to social media stating he came home to find his wife was reading a book entitled “How to not Hate your Husband After Kids.” My immediate thought was I need to get that book from the library pronto. I’m convinced my husband should read my mind, know what … Continue reading This Hard Season of Marriage

A Momma Body is a Beautiful Thing

Tonight I took a rare long, warm, soothing shower. I was reminded of nights not long ago when the only way I could relax and relieve some of my round body aches was to shower. During the end of my pregnancies I would look down at my stretched, full midsection. What I saw looked more … Continue reading A Momma Body is a Beautiful Thing

Make Room for Rest

I woke up this morning and it dawned on me- I feel good! The first three years of this Mom gig for me were chuck full of sweetness mashed with so many things that felt so hard. I shed many tears. I awoke most mornings greeted by a body screaming at me, begging for me … Continue reading Make Room for Rest

Waste Time on Purpose

Just writing the title to this post stings a bit. It goes against my every instinct. Time is precious, watching my children grow has has made me painfully aware of how fleeting the days are. I am all about optimizing our days. Getting as much activity, learning, socialization and happiness packed into a day as possible. … Continue reading Waste Time on Purpose

Third Baby and Still Clueless

It seems that after having three babies and being a parent for five years, there are so many things about having a baby I just can’t quite figure out how to do well! So often people say, “Well, you have three so you should be a pro,” or “Well, with three that should be easy.” … Continue reading Third Baby and Still Clueless

5 Ways to Teach Compassion to your Preschooler

Every now and then you hear an amazing story in the news of an exceptional preschooler who comes up with an amazing idea on how to show compassion to others. As a parent you marvel with wonder, asking yourself, what are they doing that I’m not? If you have a preschooler like mine, you have … Continue reading 5 Ways to Teach Compassion to your Preschooler

New Momma Breastfeeding 101

There are very few things in motherhood that have come more easily for me than others. I feel grateful that one of those things has been nursing.  Especially since this happened entirely by accident.  When I became a Mom, I had no clue what I was walking into. For some reason, I actually never considered … Continue reading New Momma Breastfeeding 101

Our Holiday Purge

We do Christmas BIG! We have a big family all close by, which is wonderful.  It means so much food, fun and lots of gifts.  Our kids receive a many exciting new things.  We all love the holidays in our home. Over the past years, our kids have grown in number and age.   Consequently the … Continue reading Our Holiday Purge

Free Printable and Editable Toddler Chore Chart

Just in the past few months of my parenting journey, I've realized, my children are capable of being helpful. Amazing! I found, though, that we all need a little practice and prompting to help grow the habit of helpfulness.  That being said, I am all about easy.  I don't want a crazy complicated chore board.  I … Continue reading Free Printable and Editable Toddler Chore Chart

Guest Post On HVFH- This Hard Season of Marriage

Yesterday was a tough day for us.  It ended with conflict and tears.  The absolute worst way to end a day. Today, I logged onto Her View From Home, browsing to see what was new. I saw an article titled, "This Hard Season of Marriage," I thought I need some encouragement in my marriage today, … Continue reading Guest Post On HVFH- This Hard Season of Marriage