1,000 Thanks!!!!

I FINALLY made it to 1,000.  ❤ I love this list and all the blessings it counts.  It took some time but it's worth it to remember God is good in the land of the living.  Happy Holiday's my friends, may you take time to be thankful for God's goodness in your life! 900. Our … Continue reading 1,000 Thanks!!!!

1,000 Thanks (Part 7)

This list, I love it. It's a discipline that is powerful. It brings perspective. It brings joy. 701. Three kids making forts 702. Walking with neighbors 703. Three kids riding the slide together 704. Hubby excited for Monday! 705. My sister ❤️ 706. Warm weather 707. Front yard baby pool play with the neighbors 708. … Continue reading 1,000 Thanks (Part 7)

1,000 thanks (part 6)

I've been slow to complete this 100.... The past two months have felt tough for me.  I've dipped into some pretty dark places and probably working on my list would have helped!  With spring in the air I feel a new wave of grace for myself and our family.  It seems in life more stressful … Continue reading 1,000 thanks (part 6)

Things I’ve Learned, my 30th Year

I've started the tradition of writing, sharing and reflecting every birthday. Thirty-one. I am officially a thirty something. For some reason I've learned a lot over the course of my thirtieth year of life? Maybe every decade you actually learn something... who knew?  Here goes the highlights of the lessons I'm learning. Time really flies. This … Continue reading Things I’ve Learned, my 30th Year

1,000 thanks (part 4)

So the list continues... counting all the simple ways I am blessed and loved by our God....  401. Panera with two of my favorites 402. Girl talk 403. Enneagram 404. Baby girl alseep on Daddy 405. Whole 30 406. Playdates 407. Prayers with Hubs 408. Snow day #2 and 3 of the school year 409. … Continue reading 1,000 thanks (part 4)

Waste Time on Purpose

Just writing the title to this post stings a bit. It goes against my every instinct. Time is precious, watching my children grow has has made me painfully aware of how fleeting the days are. I am all about optimizing our days. Getting as much activity, learning, socialization and happiness packed into a day as possible. … Continue reading Waste Time on Purpose

1,000 Thanks – Part 3

And the list continues my friends.  It's getting harder to put to words the things that make my days richer.  One of the many reasons I'm loving this practice.  There have been many times I've sat down feeling completely overwhelmed opened my phone and thought back through my day and added to this list.  After … Continue reading 1,000 Thanks – Part 3

1,000 Gifts – Part 2

I set the goal to write a list of 1,000 things I'm thankful for. I was inspired by this book. Here goes part 2 of my list, numbers 101-200.  Already I've had to look a little more closely to see the gifts in my day to day.  I'm loving the perspective this practice brings me, helping me … Continue reading 1,000 Gifts – Part 2

1,000 Thanks – Part 1

I recently read 1,000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp and I LOVED IT (FYI this is not a sponsored post). I seriously loved it so much, I think everyone should read it. I was inspired to begin my own list of 1,000 gifts that I am thankful for.  This is part one of the list, I'm going to … Continue reading 1,000 Thanks – Part 1

Perspective I Gained from Teaching

In “my old life” (pre-kids) I worked for four years in a inner city failing Title I school that was primarily populated by African American children.  I taught special education. I entered my new career as a teacher with only a provisional teaching license. I was entirely clueless, only armed with my eager willingness to … Continue reading Perspective I Gained from Teaching