5 Reasons Why Mom’s Need other Mom Friends

One unexpected change in my life post-motherhood is how it has changed friendships for me! I remember pre-kids I would hang out with my friends that had small children and would leave our meetings feeling a little frustrated.  Every conversation we tried to start would be quickly interrupted by the little person, making it hard … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why Mom’s Need other Mom Friends

Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum Picks

Next year is the first year we will have TWO school aged kids in our home.  It's been so nice to have two years to ease into homeschooling. We've learned a lot, which I'm sure will make Lucas' Kindergarten year an easier transition for us all.  For my oldest Kindergarten year we used Abeka which actually was … Continue reading Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum Picks

How to Keep Love at the Center of Your Marriage

If I stop and pause, I can see it... Fourteen years ago now, I met a sweet recent high school graduate.  He was kind, thoughtful, brought me burnt CD’s and opened my car door for me… what more could any 17 year old ask for?  I fell hard and fast. Fast forward, to now…  We … Continue reading How to Keep Love at the Center of Your Marriage

Five Great Ways to Recharge As A Mom

One thing I wasn’t prepared for when I became a mother is how draining the gig is.  No matter if you're a young mom, working mom, stay at home mom or any other kind of mom, one thing we all can agree on is: the job can wear you down if you're not careful.  I’ve … Continue reading Five Great Ways to Recharge As A Mom

1,000 Thanks!!!!

I FINALLY made it to 1,000.  ❤ I love this list and all the blessings it counts.  It took some time but it's worth it to remember God is good in the land of the living.  Happy Holiday's my friends, may you take time to be thankful for God's goodness in your life! 900. Our … Continue reading 1,000 Thanks!!!!

My RVA Fall Favorites

Guys, fall… it’s magical. Pumpkin spice lattes, do I have to say anymore? There are so many things I love so much about this time of year, scarfs, boots, pumpkins, Halloween, chili, the beautiful leaves changing color...the list is so long! I’ll spare you the complete list of fall favorites and just share some of our favorite … Continue reading My RVA Fall Favorites

Back to School Snack Ideas

Guys, I really can’t understand how my kids can eat so much! Literally the second we make it out the door, nearly immediately after they eat their large breakfast, someone dares to utter the phrase, “I need a snack.” REALLY, how is that even possible? I strive to feed these people a healthy, well-balanced diet … Continue reading Back to School Snack Ideas

First Grade Curriculum Picks

Summer.. oh we've been loving it. I ended this year feeling plain wore out. Summer has been the most refreshing break amidst the hustle of growing up three great kids. That being said I've been slowly easing myself into planning and preparation for first grade and year two of homeschooling. I learned some really important … Continue reading First Grade Curriculum Picks

Richmond Summer Free Favorites

The warm weather has arrived and we are thrilled.  It is our mission to spend our days outdoors and playing as much as possible! We are so lucky that Richmond has so many great outdoor parks and splash pads that are free.  I’m thankful to be raising kids in such a family friendly city.  Here … Continue reading Richmond Summer Free Favorites

1,000 thanks (part 6)

I've been slow to complete this 100.... The past two months have felt tough for me.  I've dipped into some pretty dark places and probably working on my list would have helped!  With spring in the air I feel a new wave of grace for myself and our family.  It seems in life more stressful … Continue reading 1,000 thanks (part 6)